Good News Wander, You’re No Longer The Worst Game On PS4

Digital Foundry have taken a rather amusing look at Life of Black Tiger on PlayStation 4. We posted a trailer for the game a few weeks ago and it looked bad then but DF have uncovered a new level of awfulness with terrible animation, low frame rates and a broken multiplayer.

By the way, I loaded up Wander a few weeks ago and not much has changed, it appears there was on update to the game shortly after release and that was it. The official site hasn’t been updated since then and their comments section is now populated with posts offering “The best escorts service in Jaipu.”

Source: YouTube

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  1. How did this get published? They must have been lion through their teeth.

    • Sony Q&A checks things like “Do trophies work” and “Does the PS button bring up the menu”, and not “Whats the frame rate” and “Does this have bugs”. That’s up to the devs, so things like this can appear on the store. Thankfully, not very often.

      • Bloody hell, and yet no CS:GO? Ridiculous!

      • Blame Valve for CS:GO, not Sony. Sony may be a little awkard at times but they rarely block games – eg Skyrims Mods made it after a little persusion. CS:Go isnt on PS due to Valve.

      • Did we ever find out why it never released? I’d be surprised if it wasn’t SCEE’s fault as they can be hugely incompetent at times. They just ignored questions on it after a few weeks of its original supposed release.

      • Eh, someone didn’t get their act together on it. Valve released CS:GO on 360, it’s now XB1 compatible through BC, it’s still weirdly strong going on PC atm, something likely happened with Sony.

        They never really let Skyrim mod support on PS4, not the type of support everyone wanted at least.

        The same weirdness happened with quite a few other games and apps, notably Netflix on Vita comes to mind where it was supposed to release but never did, each side blaming the other. SCEE could have been part of the cause, there’s a whole mix of issues and obstacles with different regions and T&Cs etc, but then that shouldn’t have affected SCEA and the rest.

  2. Looking forward to this on PS+

  3. Looks like that God awful goat simulator which somehow got a cult following.

  4. That’s a PS4 game? Someone paid Sony in order to release something that looks like some of the crap on Steam Early Access/Greenlight? (By that, i mean, the really crap stuff on there.)

    I mean, seriously?

    I expect this from Steam. I don’t expect to see this crap on PS4. Heck, even the worst is better looking then this.

  5. Who makes these decisions at Sony? It’s mind boggling.

  6. After reading somewhere a few weeks ago I had Orc Slayer was a easy platinum I decided to but when it was on sale a few weeks ago and I started playing it last week. That for us the worst game I’ve played and platinumed. After seeing this though there is no competition, I will never play this game after I saw Digital Foundries clip earlier.

    @Tony Goat Simulator is great. It really makes fun of itself and other awful games. I love it that much I’ve bought it 4 times.

  7. I kind of want to play it but I’m not sure why.

  8. No one has seen the other awful ps4 game… the weird zen one thats us only too. “Breathe in” *presses left* *trophy*

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