Square Enix And Marvel Form Multi-Game Partnership, Starting With The Avengers

Marvel and Square Enix were both concurrently teasing an upcoming announcement yesterday, and many people had already put two and two together to conclude that the pair of companies were in cahoots.

Now we know a lot more about what’s going on, as the companies have signed a multi-game partnership, starting with one based off The Avengers. Looks like the time for heroes isn’t over after all!


This game and the others are still quite some way off, though. Two developers are attached to the project, Crystal Dynamics and Eidos Montreal, but Square note that we shouldn’t expect to see anything more about this game or any others until 2018… you know, until next week when someone leaks the whole lot.

Source: press release and excited tweeting

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  1. I can’t help but feel this is a few years too late. Superhero movies seem to have peaked a couple of years ago at least, they’re just milking the franchise for all its worth now.

    • …. You know how long Marvel comics have been popular/ selling merch aside from the movies?

      • I know they’re popular, but they were even /more/ popular 2 or 3 years ago. It just seems like a missed opportunity.

      • Civil War was the highest grossing film of last year. They are still very popular.

    • It’s never been more popular and as a veteran comic fan (I’m 36 and started reading them as early as 4) the games are landing at the absolute right time. Tech wise, we’re ready.

  2. Bit late but it means no more shovelware from Activision! Granted, it’s been a few years since the last shovelware tie in but still.

    I do hope that it’s not going to be based on the films but based on the comics or uses the comics as it’s template.

    I may just be wanting a Marvel version of the Arkham series.

  3. Well I wonder how Sony’s Spiderman fits in with this.

    • It doesn’t. Sony pretty much gave up after Amazing Spiderman 2 and gave back the rights to Marvel. That and the film was trying too hard to set up too many things then forgetting about stuff. Still, tis a decent film.

      • I am assuming he is referring to the new spiderman game that is being developed by insomniac (if i’m not mistaken), not the film

      • Ah, that may very well depend on when it was commissoned and if Marvel are ok with it. Chances are, it’ll be canned due to the rights changing and Marvel is in love with universes. Probably is their first major attempt at a Marvel Game Universe.

      • Silly Steven :)

  4. I wonder is Sky could give me the number of their solicitors :P

  5. As a veteran comic fan I am absolutely gassed at this fantastic news. Give all of them the AAA treatment. Spidey is looking sick and whilst you’re at it, remaster Ultimate Destruction and Captain America.

  6. A shame that its come at the cost of future Deus Ex games..

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