There’s No New Skylanders Game Planned For This Year

Skylanders will be taking a year off in 2017, after surprisingly dire sales of last year’s Skylanders Imaginators. Without a new title to release, Activision will instead be adding new Skylanders, adventure packs and other content to Imaginators. The game will also be a launch title for Nintendo Switch.

Certainly, Imaginators’ sales flop will have stung, only managing to pass the 100,000 mark in the US after the Black Friday sales, but the franchise is finding success in other areas. There was the debut of Skylanders Academy on Netflix last year, a second season to be released in 2017 and Netflix having now ordered a third season.


It’s probably this and the series’ legacy that’s saving it from the axe, but after Disney Infinity’s exit last year, there are understandable concerns about Toys to Life as a viable genre. Skylanders isn’t dead yet, but it is in need of a little souls searching and finding  a way to recapture its staggering successes of old.

Source: Activision via Eurogamer, Videogamer

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