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New York Court Of Appeals Grants Lindsay Lohan Appeal For Grand Theft Auto Case

Not over yet.

You may remember a while ago when Lindsay Lohan took Take Two Interactive to court accusing the company of using her likeness in Rockstar’s Grand Theft Auto V. Take Two responded stating that all work in Grand Theft Auto V was satire and works of fiction. The case was dismissed with the ruling being that neither Lindsay Lohan’s name, picture or portrait were within Grand Theft Auto V. That was though to be the end of it.

Today, however, the New York Court Of Appeals has accepted Lohan’s appeal request which means the case is far from over. Hers wasn’t the only appeal against Take Two that was brought to court either. as Karen Gravano, a star of the reality show Mob Wives, will also have her appeal heard at the same court for similar complaints against Take Two Interactive.

Source: Associated Press

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  1. The Lone Steven
    Never heard of him.
    Since: May 2010

    Oh for crying out loud. Really? Despite the fact that Rockstar had proof that it was another woman that they used to base the character on in terms of likeness and had evidence to back it up, this is…

    No. Just no.

    Comment posted on 17/02/2017 at 09:51.
  2. JR.
    Since: Apr 2013

    I wish she would get herself back into the studio again. Her first two albums were excellent.

    Comment posted on 17/02/2017 at 13:09.