The Administrator Tower Is The Focal Point Of The Tomorrow Children’s Latest Update

Q-Games has announced that its latest update for The Tomorrow Children will add a new building for communities to construct, and that building is the Administrator Tower. This new addition will allow players to issue a number of commands that can help the town prosper, with players using Party Privilege Stamps to gain access to the tower’s options. These commands include Fire Brigade which instantly puts out all fires, and Power Saver which means the town’s energy supply won’t drop for a short while.

The full list of commands is below.

  • Fire Brigade – all fires in town will be extinguished.
  • Phase Healing – all comrades will be healed to full immediately.
  • Non-Resident Barrier – Non-residents are banned from entry to the town for a certain period of time (players already logged in are fine until they next log out). Used wisely this can give you something close to private servers!
  • Airship Raid – The nearest Bankrotz will be destroyed by aerial attack. This is fun for everyone to watch!
  • Comrade Summons – All players will be asked if they want to be teleported back to town, useful for calling people back to fend off an attack!
  • Terrain Clearer – Terrain surrounding structures in town will be cleared.
  • Power Saver – The town will draw electricity from the state for a short period of time, and not deplete the town’s energy supply.
  • Food Saver – The town will use food from the state for a short period of time, and not deplete the town’s food supply.
  • Turret Tuning – Soviet scientists will temporarily tune the turrets to fire an extra shot in quick succession. Particularly great when combined with a certain mayor!
  • Retashi Smasher – All retashi in the town will be instantly quashed, great for when a swarm has just arrived.
  • Clone Luminescence – By order of the Administrator, all comrades will glow for a short period of time.
  • Island Disperser – All islands will be dispersed in the order in which they were created. Great for cycling in new islands to play on when you have fully mined the existing ones!

Additionally there has been quite a lot of retuning. In each wave of attack there will be more Izverg though the time between waves will be greater. The green Bankrotz health has been cut by 50% but it moves quicker, and the Bankrotz fireball attack will be less accurate. The yellow and red Bankrotz, Bondi, and Zapptors will not appear as often either. Walls and cube blocks are stronger and will cost less, while the stretch gun will stretch more than before. Level 30 and above characters will receive two character points per level, while those at level 50 will receive 3 character points per level.

Source: PS Blog

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