Final Fantasy XIV PS4 Pro Patch Incoming

During the developer Q&A session at the ongoing Final Fantasy Fan Festival 2017 in Frankfurt, game producer Naoki Yoshida confirmed that the team were working on a patch for the PS4 Pro that would target improving the game’s performance on the system.

Now that support for the PS3 version is being discontinued, and the PC minimum specs are being raised, all players can expect an improvement to the game’s visuals and performance, but the Pro version will take a step further than the standard PS4 one.

Pro users with 4K displays may be disappointed that the new patch won’t make the most of their set-up, but given the often variable frame-rate of Final Fantasy XIV on PS4 this is good news for those with the more powerful system.

No date has yet been set for the patch, but we can expect more news soon.

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  1. The way it should be. 4K uptake is pretty damned slow so it makes sense to look after the 1080p crowd first.

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