Square Enix Confirm New Samurai Job Class For Final Fantasy XIV: Stormblood

Taking to the stage at the Final Fantasy Fan Festival in Frankfurt, series producer Naoki Yoshida announced that the Samurai would be the second new job class for the upcoming Final Fantasy XIV: Stormblood expansion in June.

Appearing in full samurai garb, the personable producer gave the fans exactly what they wanted, with the news that the Samurai class would be a damage dealing melee DPS who boasts a katana as their main weapon.

With no starting class, all players at level 50 or higher will be able to jump straight into the action, and begin learning Iai and other traditional far Eastern swordplay techniques, with energy being stored in your katana which can be unleashed for special attacks.

Players will master the art of Sen, and its three forces, Setsu (snow), Getsu (moon) and Ka (flower) on the path to Stormblood’s new content, with the class opening up before you make a start on the narrative.

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