Homefront: The Revolution Gets Trial Mode, DLC Out Wednesday

Dambusters have announced a new patch for Homefront: The Revolution which adds support for the final DLC pack, Beyond The Wall, which is out on Wednesday.

Beyond The Walls is the largest piece of single player DLC among those we have released. The story is set in a new rural environment outside of the walls of Philadelphia which fans of the original Homefront will feel familiar with. Fans of the series may be interested to know that the overall story and ending for Beyond the Walls is actually a resurrection of a story line from the original proposal for the game early on in its development, so we really have come full circle.

The patch also includes support for PlayStation Pro, various bug fixes, and a new trial mode on consoles. This gives new players free access to the main campaign up to the point where Benjamin Walker reaches the first Yellow Zone, which is around 2-4 hours of gameplay.


You also get free, unlimited access to Resistance mode, the co-operative multiplayer mode with “full player progression system, hundreds of items for customisation, multiple replayable missions and no hidden costs involved.”

Source: PS Blog

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  1. Is the multiplayer stuff still locked behind PS+? Might give the single player a go anyway, I really enjoyed the first one.

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