Sci-Fi Horror Title The Persistence Announced For PSVR

Sony has announced that Liverpool based FireSprite are working on a new PSVR title, and this one is a sci-fi horror called The Persistence. FireSprite has already had some experience working on VR having The PlayRoom VR. I think this The Persistence may be one of the furthest ways you can depart the little robots of The PlayRoom. The Persistence is set on a research ship that goes by the same name, and an experiment that goes wrong forces the ship to try and reconstruct the dead crewmembers, but it fails in that task as some come back as mutants intent on killing you.

Players will wake up as a crewmember and will have to navigate the procedurally generated ship to get the engines back online and escape from the nearing clutches of a black hole. You will die in the game and each time you do the player is resurrected as a different crewmember. As you play you’ll collect stem cells and between each death there is the chance to spend them to increase attributes like speed, stealth, and health.

You’ll have weapons to fight off foes including pistols that fire dark energy rounds, a gravity bomb that creates a miniature black hole, and the Stem Cell Harvester which harvests cells from enemies. There will also be an app which others can use to help guide the main player through the ship by looking at the map, and pointing out where threats and items are. A release date is yet to be confirmed.

Source: PS Blog

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  1. Sci-fi horror is already a good thing, and this looks very promising indeed. Add miniature black holes, and it sounds close to perfect. Just hope the app is not needed, as it is rather unlikely I will play this with the kids.

    Looks like the developers really had a need to so something different after The Playroom, which was excellent, but sometimes you just need something a little more heartwarming… ;o)

  2. Horror is just too much for me in VR. The best PSVR game is RE7 but its just too much to actually play something so scary

  3. Dead Space vibes. yes pls.

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