Become Everything In Everything, Including A Space Bear

A picture paints a thousands words as the saying goes, so a video should paint a million but I suspect this new trailer for PS4 and PC ‘experience’ Everything will draw but just one word.



Narrated by British philosopher Alan Watts Everything is an interactive experience where you can be, well, everything.  Lions, galaxies, planets, microbes, and space bears appear in this trailer, whilst the game features “procedural AI-driven simulation of the systems of nature, seen from the points of view of everything in the Universe.”

All I can say is this game is going to be very popular in the parts of the United States which have legalised a certain herb, the final minute of the video is just nuts.

Everything launches next week on PlayStation 4, PC & Mac, and now Sony can finally prove their old advertising campaign, “It only does Everything”.

Source: YouTube

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News Editor, very inappropriate, probs fancies your dad.


  1. I’m not too sure whether someone slipped some mushrooms in my lunch before watching that. I found the video, along with the narrative strangely compelling. The spinny rolly lion thing around the 7:30 mark is both scary and fascinating!
    dhg ojd vguydg hihei ueijowi tfvofddodg – that’ll be the mushrooms must be kicking in again.

  2. Oh well done, I’ve thoroughly enjoyed that, what a load of nonsense! Why does everything just roll around? Bears flipping over on their head? Houses and bears floating around in space? What on earth is going on?

  3. I originally read that headline as “space bar” (like on a keyboard), and was thinking WTF? After watching the video a space bar would have made just as much sense as anything else in it.

    • You can probably become a space bar if you want. And even a bar in space, a cosmic Wetherspoons tumbling over and over.

  4. perfect for PSVR and a bump of ket.

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