A Quick Look At Multiplayer In Mass Effect Andromeda

People love to jump to conclusions, and that’s been happening for the last 24 hours with Mass Effect Andromeda. The game’s in the hands of people with EA Access and Origin Access, letting them sample a tiny slice of the single player and get stuck in with the multiplayer mode. Even with that in player’s hands, all I’ll say is that it might just be worth waiting for reviews at the start of next week that can take the whole game into account? In the meantime, here’s a video of the multiplayer, which has remained largely under wraps until now.


In essence, it’s a cooperative horde mode once more, but built with everything that Mass Effect Andromeda has to offer. The combat is more dynamic, you can jump, boost dash in a direction, perform smashing melee moves, and so on. You also get to fight against aliens both new and old, with each faction bringing something slightly different, especially once you get to the tougher and more elite units.


The mode has you facing six waves of ever more difficult enemies, with two waves of survival followed by an objective wave, such as devices, upload, or whatever, that just put a sliight spin on shooting the game’s new enemies. All of that is then followed by a final wave in which you need to get to the extraction point as the clock ticks down to zero, trying to survive despite the now overwhelming number of enemies come down on you like a ton of bricks.

Playing games let you earn experience and level specific multiplayer characters up – you have a roster of a dozen to start with, while new ones are unlocked via loot crates. Loot boxes are also where you get new weaponry, modifications, boosts, items, and so on. There’s both in-game currency and microtransactions, but it seems like you can earn enough to get a Basic box almost every game you manage to complete, so it’s not exactly stingy.

At this point, connections can be a little ropey, which I’m hoping can be alleviated for the game’s full launch, though it will always be dependent on the host’s connection. It’s never nice to have a lagged out robotic enemy kill you, and the combat can sometimes feel a bit imprecise, especially with melee attacks.

If you’ve been playing, let us know what you think in the comments, or just come back on Monday to check out our full review.

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  1. I really enjoyed the mp is mass effect 3 so this is probably the element of the game I’m looking forward to most. It took real teamwork to complete all of the missions on hardest difficulty, good team of 4 well coordinated players needed.
    Bring it on!

    I’ll be getting the game even if it scores 5s across the board to be fair.

    I’ve watched the clips on twitter, yes the animations are poor, yes the voice acting is poor in parts, but it’s mass effect!

  2. I kinda wish this game came out before HZD because this looks and plays like a PS3 era game by comparison. I’m sure it will still be an enjoyable ride but damn, expectations lowered.

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