[EXPIRED] Final Fantasy XV WAS £9.99 On PSN For PS Plus Subscribers

Final Fantasy XV, one of our favourite roleplaying games from 2016, is currently going for a tenner on the PlayStation Network.

If you’ve been sitting on the fence then now’s the time to strike. Shopping around, you can probably find a physical copy for £25, though nothing quite beats the 80% offered by PSN.

UPDATE 3: It appears this was a mistake by Sony after all as the offer has now been removed and the page can no longer be accessed.

UPDATE 2: Our mistake, the offer is still live, you just need to be signed in with a PlayStation Plus subscription in order to see this price, with it looking like Sony are kicking off another round of double discount offers on the store today.

There’s still the chance it’s been a bit of a mistake, so you might want to hurry…

UPDATE: You snooze you lose, the price has now increased to £29.99. Presumably someone pressed the wrong button and made a typo earlier.

Source: PlayStation Store

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  1. £30 now.

    I think they realised their mistake

    • I withdraw my comment…

      I wasn’t signed into PS Plus.

      Don’t forget to drink your coffee before commenting kids!

  2. It’s definitely still £10 at the time I’m writing this.

  3. I’ve just bought it via the phone app for £9.99. 80% off with ps plus. Fantastic deal.

  4. Yeah definitely still going. You can get psn vouchers from cdkeys too at a discount. I bought £35 yesterday for just over £30.

    Not worth it for a £10 one because that £9.99 but if you’re buying more things (I bought salt & sanctuary & Inside) both over half price off.

    Nice one Jim!

  5. Yay! Bought!

  6. If you log onto the store via the web you can still buy it at £9.99…I just did.

  7. Thanks for this!, cracking deal. What will sony do with those who have bought it if it’s a mistake?

  8. Nice! That was my last tenner until payday buy who needs to eat anyway? ;)

  9. I might just rebuy it since I never completed it. Have to be honest here (and I say it with a heavy heart) but I thought the game was pretty bad.

    Felt the combat was uninspired, the story was completely disjointed, the characters were cool…too a poinnt. And seriously, was there only about 15 enemy types in the game? It felt like it was the same creatures over and over.

    For some clarity, FF7 and 8 were two of my favourite games and I thought 13 was awesome. I just don’t know why this never clicked.

    Anyway, Steohen-esque ran over. For a tenner, I’ll probably just buy and finish off at some point.

    • PES, Uncharted and others are on massive deals too by the looks of things.

  10. Awesome. £10 is the magic number for me. Don’t buy games now until down to that price. Managed lego Star Wars, this and cheated and got doom for £12 as had £12 left in my store wallet. Now to find some time from somewhere!

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