Outlast 2 Rated For Australian Release After All

Australia can be a bit picky when it comes to video games, with the Australian Classifications Board quite often in the headlines for banning games that they deem to be far too offensive for even Australian adults to consume. It seemed that Outlast 2 would be the latest game sent to the naughty step, but that’s no longer the case and it has been given a rating.

That said, it’s still locked behind an R18+ rating and has “high impact” depictions of sex, violence, blood, gore and horror themes. There’s also “strong impact” nudity and language, while drug use is “moderate”.


The reason for this turn of events? Well it seems that the ACB simply changed their mind, and Red Barrel confirmed to Press Start that there is just a single version of the game available worldwide, meaning that they didn’t edit any of the offending scenes out of the game.

Source: Press Start

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  1. Very good for Red Barrel, and for consumers.
    ‘High impact depictions of sex, violence, blood, gore and horror themes’ sounds very promising..! ;o)
    Looking forward to it, will be one of my very few day one buys.

  2. While I’m sure they didn’t want all the hassle and it could have gone either way, it’s excellent publicity for them.

    Hopefully the game ends up as good as the first game did. The demo certainly suggests everything’s looking good and a day one buy looks likely.

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