PS4 Pro To Receive 4K Media Playback Support Tomorrow In New Update

Sony has announced that a new Media Player update will be released tomorrow, March 28th, that will add 4K media playback support to the PS4 Pro. This means that people will be able to play 4K footage from USB storage drives or home servers directly on the console. At the same time if you own a PSVR the update will allow for playback of 4K VR videos. With 4K VR, the PSVR’s resolution of 1920 x 1080 means that this update will show videos at a higher quality than the standard HD VR videos.

One thing to note is that USB storage cannot be used for both generic data storage and for the PS4’s recently added extended storage feature. Extended storage is used purely for games and once formatted by the PS4 won’t be recognised by your computer. If you’ve got something suitable – a nice fast USB stick or something – then the next step is just to ensure that the files are MP4 format.

Source: PS Blog

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  1. This is good news. It probably won’t happen but I hope 4K TV uptake and affordability pushes Sony to do a late hardware revision with 4K drives in the PS4 Pro, although since 3D has been left high and dry I won’t be holding my breath.

    • 3D still exist in the form of VR & it’s absolutely brilliant take on 3D

      • Agreed.

      • That’s good to know. I was thinking of getting my mate Hubble 3D for his PSVR (so I can have a watch!) it used to be on at the Science Museum and was the best thing I’ve ever seen in 3D. Things flew past your head!! Can anyone recommend a Sony 4K 3D TV? I’m upgrading in September, goodbye 32 inches hello 50! Wife says 50 is enough, she’s definitely in charge.

      • That’s a somewhat moot point Ron. 4K 3D televisions are quite rare, I don’t personally know of one yet. I know 3D support is out there still, boosted by PSVR, but actually 3D has lost momentum as you suggested.

      • Cheers mate good to know, shame really as I always liked the idea of 3D, I think 4K will have more longevity though so I’ll stick with plan A.

      • There’s the Panasonic Dx750b 4K 3D TV. It came top in the mid price sector of a few ‘best TVs for the PS4 Pro’ towards the end of last year. It was priced at £1000 but I managed to pick one up for just over £700. I’m very happy with the 4k HDR picture and the 3D pretty good too. Game mode has a low lag time and doesn’t turn off HDR.

      • Cheers guys, that’s two good options for me to look at when I start shopping! I’m siding with the Bravia right now so we can use the built in DVR and bin off Sky telly, which we hardly use.

    • Who uses drives these days? Disc based media for music is dead, disk based movies are almost dead and disk based games are dying.

      The ditkd has moved to digital download, and nobody cares are discs filling up cupboards and physical ownership. Sony got this 100% right, going for better hardware specs for GPU,CPU and memory rather than spunking the money on a 4k drive that nobody wants. But then i guess they know how the industry works, having fingers in hardware, media and movie content production, and have the benefit of real numbers to back up design decisions like this.

      • So I guess with common sense like that, the PS5 won’t have a 4K Blu-ray drive then.

      • That’s a very narrow point of view, I’ve only just gotten fibre broadband and it’s a pretty poor 22Mb (Sky promise 35 min, so they’re kindly doing a good short term discount), before that it was 4 and my wife’s folks get 1 at best and their village has just failed to petition BT to extend fibre to them. Disc based media is still necessary for those who can’t afford or even access decent speeds, I think we might be waiting until the generation after next to see 100% high speed data in the U.K., no idea what the rest of Europe is like!

    • Quick FYI. I bought a new TV recently and if you are looking for HDR, make sure you get a 10 bit panel. It can be quite hard to find out if it is and a lot of companies have their own buzzword for it (Samsung call it Quantum Dot) but without that you are not getting real HDR, just a simulated version. Some user Frame Rate Control (FRC) to fake it but it’s nothing like real HDR.

      HDR10 has 1 billion colours and 8 bit can only do 16.7 million. Quite a difference.

      You will find that 10 bit TVs are more pricey but if you are after HDR for the PS4 Pro etc, you really want that.

      Sony has a 3D 4K telly with a 10 bit panel:—all/sony/bravia-kd55xd9305/sony-kd55xd9305bu

  2. Am I right in thinking the PS4 Pro can’t play 4k Blu-Rays? Could we see this feature added in a future firmware update, or is there hardware missing from the console?

    • No it can’t.

      • No it can’t play BluRays or no it can’t be updated in the future?

      • The Blu-ray player in a PS4 doesn’t play 4K so we’d need to see a hardware revision*. Still, it’s Sony so never-say-never. :-\ :-)

        *I believe.

      • Ah, gotcha. Thanks.

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