BioWare Will Announce “Solutions” To Mass Effect Andromeda Problems Next Week

In the build up to launch, Mass Effect Andromeda was picked apart for a multitude of technical issues. Although it has garnered a fair reception from critics, one thing’s certain: it doesn’t match the quality of previous games in the series.

BioWare’s been listening to fan feedback and is about the put the wheels on a plan to remedy the RPG’s issues. On Tuesday, April 4th, the studio will outline “solutions” to improve Andromeda.


Hopefully the turnaround will be quick but let’s be honest, this is still a AAA title.

Personally, I’ve retired Mass Effect Andromeda to the shelf after only an hour’s play. While it’s tempting to jump back in, I’ll be waiting to see what added features/fixes are on the horizon.

Source: BioWare via Twitter

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  1. Im really gald i didnt get this at launch now. My policy of not pre-odering is paying off.

    There really is no reason to pre-order these days, unless you want all the incentive guff they tack on. Always plenty of copies of games on release.

  2. Well, this is a new low for PR, they’ve actually used the word ‘excited’ in order to spin a patch, idiots. I’d like to think it’s not a dev that came up with that rubbish and that the guys and girls who actually grafted away at making the game aren’t discouraged by all the criticism as I’m sure they’ve all done good work that’s unfortunately not been brought together as well as everyone would have hoped.

    • I think one of the problems is that games have moved on and what was acceptable in terms of animation just a few years ago is now just not up to scratch.

      • I can live with bad animation and graphics but this game has no heart.

      • That’s true, sorry I was judging the statement on its insincerity rather than the game, which I haven’t played. I agree, and it’s amazing to see how studios of all sizes get around not splashing out on motion capture and studio voice recording but still put out a polished product, lucky for us plenty of them are very creative!

  3. Loved the original trilogy but I’m so disappointed with Andromeda, I don’t even want to finish it.

    Can’t comment on the MP because I don’t touch it but the SP is absolutely atrocious. It honestly feels like a movie tie-in game – rushed, unfinished, half-assed and basically shit.

    I don’t remember the original games being this poor but the original ME was one of the first games I played in the genre, so the original games could have been awful too I suppose.

    I don’t know why BioWare are even attempting to fix this mess of a game. What’s that old saying, ‘You can’t polish a turd’.

  4. I have to say that despite the minor flaws i’ve experienced, nothing is really taking away from my enjoyment of the game so far, about 35 hours played. I know others have experienced some more serious bugs so hopefully those will be fixed.

    • Same here, enjoying the game and haven’t suffered any serious bugs… far!

      • I can accept all the minor flaws, the facial animation don’t bother me and I’m enjoying the story, but the one thing ruining it (at least on standard PS4) is the terrible frame rates/drops.

        It so often turns into a stuttering mess, whether during gunplay, cutscenes, or simply just sprinting through a planet with R3.

      • I’ve had no problems with frame rate etc, it all looks pretty good with the PS4 Pro and 4k tv.

    • I’ve had some frame-drops just walking around the Nexus and occasionally the Nomad will freeze for a split-second while traversing planets – but frame-rate drops during combat would upset me a lot more.

  5. Mass Effect and Ghost Recon have taken a back seat,Mass Effect because it’s Just not Mass Effect.I can’t put my finger on it but it’s just not the same as the original trilogy.As for Ghost Recon i don’t want to finish it to quickly and want to appreciate it.

  6. Well, I installed Mass Effect and only played about an hour or so too.
    Then promptly traded it in and got Zelda instead.

    The animations a immersion breakingly bad at times.
    Genuinely hope they patch the living hell out of it, as I have been so excited to play it since announcement. In the meantime I am loving Zelda instead! :)

  7. Apparently, the animation issues are not that they are dated but that they are playing up like a toddler who inhaled half a kilo of jelly babies and downed an entire bottle of pop. I’ve also heard that it was Bioware’s B team that did ME:A.

    Either way, animation issues are disappointing to hear and I will still get it but annnoying, I will have to put it on the “Oh come on! Finish downloading the ***** patch, you *****! I WANT TO PLAY THIS! FECK THIS! *Burns England to the ground*” Caterogry of games.

    What? I don’t like waiting for a game to install and have to download a lot of patches in order for it to be normal.

    • I saw all the hate that the animations were getting, but kept my pre-order.
      When my female Ryder literally ran like Crazy Frog…I just couldn’t believe it.

      I think the way that games have a “Day 1 patch” is frankly ridiculous.
      They really need to have some decent QA time before release imo!

  8. The frame rate on this game when i run is such a joke ?????

  9. At first I thought I’ll definitely get it later, but to be honest, I’m not overly excited anymore at all. I’ll wait till it’ll be on Plus… ;o)

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