Mad Catz Has Filed For Bankruptcy And Shut Down

Mad Catz is one of the biggest names in the market when it comes to third party console peripherals, but now the company has been consigned to the history books as it has filed for bankruptcy. The company actually filed yesterday, March 30th, and all directors and officers of Mad Catz resigned on the same day.

Mad Catz had been struggling for a while financially and had invested a lot into Harmonix’s Rock Band 4 recently via its hardware, though the game wasn’t successful enough to help turn fortunes around. Last week the company was delisted from the New York Stock Exchange for non compliance with the exchange’s listing standards.

I’m sure a number of us have owned something Mad Catz branded through our gaming lives, and whatever your opinion of the quality it is a shame to see the company close its doors.

Source: GlobalNewsWire

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  1. No more te fight sticks huh ?

    The gaming scene is suffering IMO

  2. IMO …

  3. I would say that’s what happens when you constantly churn out shit hardware, but then Microsoft are still around (just about)

    • What shit hardware do Microsoft constantly churn out?

      • I did ponder for a very long time, and perhaps i was a bit harsh, i had a Microsoft mouse once that was OK.

      • Just OK? MS have consistently made very good mice and keyboards. The mice are a nice comfortable fit for my hands, and their keyboards are nice noisy clicky things.

        If it wasn’t for MS, I’d be stuck with rubbish, soft keyboards and my typing speed would be horrible. Then I wouldn’t be able to type any of my big rants about whatever needs to be the target of my sarcasm today.

        Actually, some people would probably see that as a downside to Microsoft’s excellent keyboard design ;)

      • Aside from early problems with the Xbox 360 and design decisions with the Xbox One chipset, Microsoft’s hardware division is very well regarded. Not everything’s a slam dunk, certainly, but Surface tablets are amongst the best Windows machines, their ergonomic keyboards are universally praised, etc. etc.

      • “early problems with the Xbox 360 ”

        Sorry, but that’s total nonsense. Remember Valhalla that was supposed to fix everything​? Nope, the massive failure rate continued to climb. Stephan needs to stop trying to rewrite history, as it destroys your credibility……

      • I don’t think Stefan’s credibility is at stake here lol.

      • Especially compared to a guy called “TrumpyMx” registered in Nov 2016.

    • Had a Microsoft mouse last me fifteen years. It was so good I purposely sought out the identical one on eBay to see if someone had one. They did! £17 well spent. :D

  4. Mad catz controllers etc. were always something id look at and think ‘ugh’

  5. BUT it is aleays sad to hear about people out of work :-(

  6. I tried to flog a Mw2 pad and a Guile fight pad recently on ebay. Both failed to sell, with the company going bust they may become more sought after I hope…..

  7. What does this mean for Rock Band hardware?

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