Senran Kagura Peach Beach Splash Brings More Improbable Boobs West This Summer

It’s not as if the Senran Kagura series really shies away from stripping the clothes of its buxom ninja ladies, but Peach Beach Splash starts with even fewer strips of fabric than most. This game is to Senran Kagura what Extreme Beach Volleyball is to Dead or Alive, and it’s now heading west, with Marvelous Europe announcing a PlayStation 4 release this summer.

There’s no localised trailer, just yet, but I’m sure you can get the idea from the Japanese video – which is, quite obviously, not safe for work.


There are, however, a few new screenshots, because why not?

The summer sports spinoff doesn’t feature rival ninjas or demonic beasts, but rather water guns and a tournament to see who’s best at soaking their rival in 5-on-5 online team battles.

Source: press release

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  1. woot!

  2. I’m actually speechless…

    I take it they got Hitomi Tanaka to do the mo-cap? ;)

    Warning: Don’t Google her on your work PC, as she’s very much NSFW.

  3. What’s more improbable is that these games must sell well as they keep making them. It looks like a last gen game.

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