EA Accidentally Post Trailer For Star Wars Battlefront II A Bit Early

Whoever’s responsible for this particular blunder is bound to be getting a stern telling off this morning, as an official EA Twitter account mistakenly posted the first cinematic trailer for the franchise-spanning Star Wars Battlefront II. As ever, the internet never forgets even the slightest of transgressions, and so – until it gets pulled – you can check out the video below. There’s also a backup link here.

As you can see, it features content that spans the entire film series, from Darth Maul’s dual-bladed appearance through to the latest films, with Rey depicted sprinting through the forest. Not only that, but the title card notes that pre-orders will get you access to heroes from the upcoming film Star Wars : The Last Jedi.

However, what’s perhaps even more tantalising is what this might tell us about the single player content in the game. After the criticism the first game faced for lacking single player, EA pledged long ago to include a solo story in Battlefront II. The teaser trailer mentions “The untold soldier’s story” and sees a female Imperial soldier witnessing the timely demise of the second Death Star. It would seem that, alongside her narration, the game’s campaign will depict more of the battles in that nebulous period of time that the film series has necessarily glossed over.

Source: EA Twitter, via YouTube, Vimeo, Ars Technica

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  1. Looks amazing, following in the spirit of the old Battlefront 2’s historical battle stuff with a heavy dose of Force Unleashed style rage underpinning the story. Plus lots of lasers, lightsabers, zooming about and John Willaimsy music I think we’re in for a big treat.

    • Yep, it has all the ingredients there, fingers crossed for some fruity feature modes too.

  2. I hope the single player campaign has some actual fleshed out modes like galactic conquest and isn’t just a linear themepark, I’d definitely get it if they do.

  3. Let’s hope it’s as good as the original Battlefront II! For me, the new Battlefront is in 3rd place, with II in 1st and I in second, so I’m hoping they can get this one right!

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