Bandai Namco’s Vampire Game Is Called Code Vein

Bandai Namco recently teased that you should be ‘prepared to dine’ with a short trailer featuring lots of vampiric imagery and the game has now been revealed as Code Vein, which is being developed by the God Eater team.  The “dungeon exploration-type, hard action RPG” is targeting a release in 2018.

Playing as a vampire in a near future ruined world you will use swords and spears in your quest, but run off blood and you turn in a monster called “The Lost”. It seems there may be a multiplayer feature as you can bring a single “buddy” with you.


Gematsu have had a look at the latest issue of Famistu, which reports the following in-game items

  • Blood Veil – The Blood Veil is a Revenant-original piece of equipment that sucks up the blood of Losts. It’s usually shaped like clothing and functions as armor. A dedicated mechanism appears at the time of blood sucking, and the user’s mask sees an ominous change.
  • Special Ability: “Tempered Blood” – An action that can be triggered after a successful blood sucking attack via the Blood Vale, and that depends on the blood obtained from the Lost. There are a number of variations, such as strengthening yourself, weakening enemies, and direct attacks.

The game is around 35% complete with a full reveal happening in a couple of days.

Source: Famistu vis Gematsu

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