May’s PlayStation Plus Line Up Includes Alienation & Tales From The Borderlands

It wouldn’t take much to best Drawn to Death and the rest of April’s PlayStation Plus games, let’s face it, but May’s selection is looking pretty damned good even without that context.

Housemarque’s excellent co-op shoot ’em up Alienation and Telltale’s acclaimed Tales From The Borderlands are the picks of the bunch for PlayStation 4. They’re joined by four games I really can’t remember much about: Blood Knights and Port Royal 3: Pirates and Merchants for PS3, and Laser Disco Defenders and Type: Ryder for PS Vita.


The new line up is as follows:

And if you fancy some of April’s games – 10 Second Ninja X and Curses ‘n Chaos are actually pretty good – don’t forget to grab them before they leave the service next week.

Source: EU PS Blog

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  1. Nice! Never got around to buying Alienation.

  2. Yes Alienation been thinking about purchasing it and now I don’t have too! ^^ Bonus
    May have to Download Port Royale as my wife loves them games but will ask first due to the HDD space.

  3. Excellent news, 2 games I’ve been interested in buying for a while but not got round to. A good month (for once).

  4. That’s 2 good games for the PS4. Which I already own. Grrrr. Even worse, the US gets Abzu instead of Alienation, which would have made me happy at least.

    Still, at least the Vita games look more entertaining than this months, which aren’t “pretty good”, but “a big steaming pile of something horrible”.

    One of the PS3 games appears to be somewhat poor. The other might entertain me.

    And worse still, we’ve got to wait 5 weeks for the next lot.

    • I’m in the same boat as you having bought every Housemarque game except Resogun since Super Stardust on PS3 and preferring to get Abzu.
      Still have to chalk it down to being one of those months.

  5. Alienation is excellent. I really must get around to playing Tales from the Borderlands (on the PC). Meh. Backlog!

  6. A good month with Plus means a bad month for my backlog, but I’m not complaining. And I’m happy we don’t get Abzu as the US does, cause I already have that.

  7. I already have Alienation (and ABZU), so i guess i’ll try and tolerate a chapter or so of the template game.

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