Three Fields Entertainment Reveal Danger Zone

Three Fields Entertainment was set up by Fiona Sperry and Alex Ward, the original founders of Criterion. Criterion was adored for one particular racing series which was Burnout. Now we haven’t seen a Burnout game in a while and Three Fields Entertainment isn’t working on a game in that series, but they’ve announced something in the vein of it. That game is called Danger Zone.

Danger Zone is all about crashing cars and generating as much cash as possible from creating spectacular ones. In a way it is similar to Three Field’s Dangerous Golf. You’ll be able to shunt other vehicles,  and cause chaos in high speed highway traffic across 20 different scenarios. Danger Zone will feature leaderboards and be available on PS4 and PC.

Source: Three Fields Entertainment

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  1. Sweet!

  2. From now on, every article regarding this game needs an Archer reference :D

  3. Think I read on another site that it’s out in May priced £9.99.


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