Get The Call Of Duty: WWII Reveal Trailer & More Details Here, Out 3rd November

6PM Update – Call of Duty: WWII has been officially revealed, releasing on 3rd November, with the first trailer for the game depicting several iconic moments, including the D-Day landings and the Battle of Hürtgen Forest. It’s certainly very evocative of the WWII era and brings it to life in some truly fantastic graphical quality.


The game takes place entirely in the European theatre, primarily in 1944 and 1945, starting with the D-Day landings, pushing through Belgium and through to Germany. It follow the 1st Infantry Division and Pvt. Red Daniels as the protagonist. He’s joined by Sgt. William Pierson (played by Josh Duhamel) and 1Lt Joseph Turner (Jeffrey Pierce), as well as Jewish soldier Pvt. Robert Zussman (Jonathan Tucker) amidst a wider cast of characters.

Sledgehammer Games have spent the last two years documenting and working to recreate the Second World War in as great and authentic detail as possible, with co-founders Glen Schofield and Michael Condrey talking about how passionate they are in returning to this era, one that is close to many of the developers and their families.

This is to be the return to “boots on the ground” gameplay that players have been calling for over the last year or two, and that means COD WWII is having to revert to different qualities when online, such as gun skill and strategising your movement, as opposed to twitch play and hyper-fast motion. There are, however, other new innovations to the way as well.

War is a new asymmetrical mode with Allied and Axis forces split between attack and defence. Divisions will be a new way to go about your online Call of Duty career having players enlist in a specific unit of their choice. Finally, Headquarters is a new way to interact with the community for COD outside of actual multiplayer, seeming to be a hub environment for players to run around in.

Oh, and then there’s this co-op teaser:

The game’s out on 3rd November, but as with Infinite Warfare, a private multiplayer beta will be held prior to release for those who pre-order the game. More details on all of the above will be revealed at E3 in June.

The stream below has just ended, but you can watch it again to catch up on all the details.

Later today Activision will unveil the newest game in its military shooter franchise. Call of Duty: WWII, as the name suggests, will take players back to the Second World War in what looks to be a long-awaited return to the series’ roots. While not exactly watertight, leaks surrounding today’s big reveal have been fairly minor, including a small cluster of screenshots and COD WWII’s Pro Edition.

You can catch the full reveal at 18:00PM UK time right here via the above YouTube embed, or head over to the official Call of Duty YouTube page or Twitch channel.

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  1. TSA Bingo: CoD WWII Edition:
    -dubstep trailer music
    -D-Day shown in trailer
    -CoD Remaster bundled in
    -War memorial scene
    -American-centric campaign
    -token french resistance member
    -band of brothers aping
    -Nazi zombies
    -PSVR Exclusive level

    Pick 3, winner gets a cookie!

    • Ha!

    • I make that: D-Day, an American-centric campaign, a French resistance member, Band of Brothers and Nazi zombies.

  2. Really like the look of this, the single player could be fantastic.

    • Same, it’s got the drama knob turned up to eleven and a muted, miserable look to go with the grim setting. The bits about authenticity is encouraging, hopefully that extends past the weapons and vehicles to the actual ordeals the soldiers went through, and the slower multiplayer sounds way more accessible than horrible twitch shootery I’ve been avoiding since 2003. Shame it’s not coming out in November, Star Wars has booked me out for November and December!

      • Yup, no health regen in multiplayer is going to change it dramatically. It’s going to feel like a totally different game to any of the previous ones.

        I’ve also just remembered Red Dead 2 will be out roughly the same time, gonna be some tough decisions coming up!

      • Oh wow, and are we getting a Battlefield game too this year? It’s gonna be a busy winter!

      • There won’t be a Battlefield this year, Star Wars Battlefront 2 is taking its place.

  3. The first COD I’ve really looked forward to in a long time – hopefully a welcome return to form! Wonder if MW2 Remastered will be packaged with this one ;-)

    • Or World At War

    • I wondered about this, but think they might roll out any remasters with the respective new releases of the same developers. I.e. when the next Treyarch COD comes out, that’s when WaW Remaster might come; and Infinity Ward for MW2. Not sure why, as I know it’s usually another dev/studio who works on the Remaster, but perhaps there would be some conflict of interest….or something!?

      Hoping this announcement might trigger the CoD4 MW Remaster stand-alone release though, as they will surely want those sales “dealt with” before the release of WWII.

      WWII btw looks great, I will probably get this! I just hope the classes/loudouts/perks and pace are like CoD of old.

  4. So, it’s the last half of COD 2, all HD-ified? I can live with that.

  5. i think the term we prefer here a TSA is “REMOISTENED”

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