BBC Appears To Use The Last Of Us Theme Music In Report About Heroin

The Last Of Us’ main theme is quite an iconic sound, with the opening guitar rhythm being very distinct. It’s a haunting melody which evokes emotions that could tie to sadness and despair. That may be why then the BBC has apparently used the piece in a report regarding heroin addiction in the West Virginia city of Huntington.

The BBC report does contain some sensitive footage so if you don’t wish to click on then you may not want to press play on the video below. The Last Of Us theme is listed first and you can hear it in the opening of the BBC report.

At the moment there is no comment from Naughty Dog or the BBC regarding the use of the music.

Source: BBC/Youtube

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  1. That is very shitty of BBC to do so without permission and well, not surprising as this is the same organisation that refused to stop making a questionable thing about Rockstar that they requested to stop because they gave no permission for it. (That said, Gamerchangers was rather decent despite some of it being a bit meeeeh.)

    However, I have heard that the BBC has this odd deal where they can use almost anything with a ton of major labels. But……

    TLOU theme? Really? Bloody really?! Pfft, if they think the mere theme is enough to bring sorrow to people, they need to check the source.

    I’ll be getting these rusty nails out of my eyes if anyone needs me and not because i’m shedding tears because I am recalling the first part of TLOU and THAT scene in particiluar.

    • So we don’t actually know but Judge Lone Steven has already decided. Wow! :D

      • Silence in court.

      • Er… of course i’m the judge. Now if you don’t want to go to jail, that’ll be a couple grand that happens to be dropped in front of me and happens to result with you being dismissed.

  2. Can’t see a problem (if there is one) with using this music. Listen to the soundtrack often and the more ears that hear it the better.

  3. I hate to moan and don’t want to be a dick about it but am I missing something? Why is this news? Steven above mentioned “without permission” which if that’s the case, then I kind of get why this article is up. I just don’t see mention of that in the article anywhere.

    If it was used with permission then I am struggling even more to understand it.

    I hate when people comment just to moan so I kind of hate myself for doing that here but I am genuinely wondering if I’ve missed some major point here?

    • I think this line at the end implies that we don’t know for certain if there is a deal in place or if music was used without permission.

      “At the moment there is no comment from Naughty Dog or the BBC regarding the use of the music.”

      • Why would we assume they’ve used it without permission though? I’d always assume proper permission is in place, especially with a major corporation like the BBC who definitely know what they’re doing with such things.

      • You’d assume so, but it boils down to how it was used. If it’s a pop song that’s cut but unaltered, then you’re going to know what it is. To the untrained ear, this just sounds like a guitar riff, so maybe someone put this tune into the report and an editor didn’t catch the fact it’s from The Last of Us. I didn’t see any credit given for the music in the report either, which is troublesome.

        If they did have permission and actually said they did, then there’s no problem. The fact nobody’s confirmed either way is worrying, especially as taxpayers money goes into the BBC.

  4. Lovely to know that gaming soundtracks are so professional that they’re not out of place in other mediums. :-)

  5. Could be as simple as they searched their music database and mistyped or chose Heroine instead of Heroin from the list of results.

  6. Maybe they’re trying to draw a comparison between Heroin addicts and Clickers from the game. I mean, they’re both controlled by external forces, they’re kind dangerous when hungry and if you find yourself cornered by one in an old burnt out building, you either have to leg it or chuck a brick at them and hope for the best (only joking about this last part of course).

    Those ‘spice people’ definitely look like infected/clickers from the game, shambling all over the place, muttering incoherently.

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