News Snatch: Sudden Strike 4, Moonshot Galaxy, And MXGP3

Hello there, welcome to another round up  – the 299th to be exact – of news, videos, and weirdness. We started with a trailer for Sudden Strike 4 which is coming to PlayStation 4. I’m not sure how sudden something can be when it is on the fourth iteration, but there you go.

Battlefield 1 has over 19 million players, 50% more than Battlefield 4 over a comparable period of time. Suffice to say it’s been a bit of a hit.

MXGP3, which sounds more like a flesh eating plague than a name for a game, has all of the customisation options. All of them, I tell you, with over 300 components from 75 brands available. I don’t know about you but that makes me positively moist, mmmmm, motorbike components.

DOTA 2 has been graced with a co-op campaign, you can grab it now for $10.

The Gran Turismo Sport beta happened a week or two ago and some nice chaps have put together some comparison vidoes showing the improvements since GT6. TL:DR – It looks nicer.
A dev diary for Rime has been release in which Tequila Works discuss how level designers and animators take ideas and concept art, and build them into a living, puzzling world.

Third-person MOBA Smite is getting a new character. Is it a warlock? An ass-kicking sexy alien cat thing? A robot that turns in to a truck? No, it’s fuzzy haired tree painter and all round king on smooth, Bob Ross.

Yes, that Bob Ross. Really. We’re not sure why.

This is Moonshot Galaxy which is coming to PlayStation VR. “Designed for comfort, anyone can pick it up and play,” say Big Fish Games. Sounds like an ex of mine.

It’s douze points for the UK! No, not in this weekend’s Eurovision song contest our song is rubbish, we came first in a competition run by Activision in which you could design the idle animation for the upcoming Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy! Woot! Simon Davidian and Kirsty Capes from the UK won the prize with their Crash Wumpa Volley” animation which you can see above.
And Finally, someone in PlayStation Japan obviously liked La La Land, as they’ve made PlayStation 4 The Musical.

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