Project Rap Rabbit Gets A Video And A Kickstarter

Sony are continuing their weird trend of promoting Kickstarted games that PlayStation fans have been clamouring for years, in this case a ‘spiritual sequel’ to PaRappa The Rapper, Project Rap Rabbit.

Created by the brains behind PaRappa the Rapper and Gitaroo Man, the game is described as “An explosive mix of Japanese folklore and traditional artwork, hip hop and humorous battle rap face-offs inspired by the Epic Rap Battles Of History YouTube series.”


However, unlike PaRappa you will decide on the raps, “YOU are in control of the raps. Songs aren’t just a series of linear lines to tap through, but full dialogue trees of variable verses filled with creative put-downs, bragging and clever rhymes.”

The graphics are influenced by the famous 16th century Japanese picture scroll ‘Scrolls of Frolicking Animals’ and anything that uses the word ‘frolicking’ is win from me, who doesn’t like a good frolick?

The Kickstarter is aiming for £885,000 and £30 will get you a digital version on the game on the format of your choice, PlayStation 4 or PC. An Xbox One version is a stretch goal but requires £3.1 million, and the Switch version nearly £5 million, so I’m guessing they won’t be happening,

Source: Kickstarter / EU PS Blog

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  1. So the people behind PaRappa and Gitaroo Man are going to give us some sort of unnecessarily complicated rapping game?

    Instead of doing the correct thing and making a sequel to Gitaroo Man. Or even just a PS4 remaster.

    Even the use of the word ‘frolicking’ doesn’t make it right. And it’s a very good word too.

    • So you are saying that rather than having Gitaroo Man 2, this game feels like a kick in the frolicks?

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