PlayStation 4 System Update 4.70 Now Live

Sony has released PlayStation 4 System Software Update 4.70, now available to all users logging onto their consoles. Weighing in at 325MB, expect the usual dose of “stability improvements” as well as some minor cosmetic changes.

Looking closer at the PS4 interface, Sony seems to swapped out some of its older logos, including the icons for the PlayStation Store, PlayStation Plus, and services including Vue and Now (as spotted by users at Reddit).

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  1. They’ve added “tournaments” to the ui, it can be found under the “events” section. There are different tournaments already available for things like fifa, injustice, project cars etc. It seems these tournaments have to be created by each game’s developers. Shame you can’t add user created tournaments really.

    • Good spot. Nice to see them fleshing out that feature.

  2. UI seems much smoother for me, looks like they made some big under the cover performance gains there.

  3. They’ve also done something to the web version of the store today as well, that may prevent you logging in if you’re blocking third party cookies.

    22 different domains trying to set cookies (more if you count the sub-domains). And while the cookies from were being set, Chrome was blocking some from (I suspect the auth.api sub-domain was the main culprit)

    Simple to allow that single domain if you run into trouble. Or allow all 3rd party cookies, which would be a silly idea.

  4. when is the update coming that makes the playstation store not run like utter arse?

    • The arse is now a proud tradition, cosmetic changes honor the arse but do not change it. Utter arse forever… I’m afraid.

      • Been waiting since system software version 1.0… On PS3

      • Hah, surely you should be a fan by now?

  5. All I really ask for is improved system stability. Then I’ll be happy.

    • I have superb stability. If however you are being ironic, then I think you misunderstood. The improvement in stability is referring to games currently in development and is basically (in secret agent speak) codeword for integration of latest AMD drivers (just like you do on your PC manually).

      The fact this time they mention system performance, I suspect they have jumped to a major new revision , not a minor incremental update.

      I’m seeing big smoothness improvement on the main UI

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