Production Of The PlayStation 3 Has Now Ended In Japan

The PlayStation 3 had quite the tumultuous lifespan from the early days where it played second fiddle to the Xbox 360, and having issues like the yellow light of death. The second wasn’t as big as the red ring of death, but it was quite prominent. Then Sony started to put the gears in motion properly and now the PS3 is considered a success, being the birthplace of games like the Uncharted series, The Last Of Us, and more experimental titles like Puppeteer and Wonderbook.

Now the PS3’s life cycle has come to an end as Sony Japan has confirmed that the console is no longer in production, with the last model that was in production being the 500GB Super Slim model which now shows shipment complete on its page. This obviously frees up more capacity for the PS4, PS4 Pro and PSVR going forward. We knew this day was coming a couple of months back, but it is still a little sad.

Source: Gematsu/Sony Japan

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  1. Read this earlier and I don’t know why but it made me want to fire up my PS3. It has only been on once before since the launch of the PS4 and that was to test a new projector set up.

    So what I hear you say….. Well this is a launch day UK PS3 60GB model with full backwards compatibility and it still works perfectly.

    I hammered hours into this machine (more so than my PS4 on average) and the thing is whisper quiet and still loads PS1, 2 & 3 disks.

    I know many launch machines suffered faults and died early but I must have got lucky!!!

    Gonna have to replay RDR now before release of the new one next year – long live the PS3 (including mine!!)

  2. I kinda thought it ended a year ago. That said, i didn’t really think about the production but tis to be expected. My 80GB phat bastard is still going strong though, I do intend on getting a 500GB slim on in the future for digital content, getting games i’ve not been able to etc..

    Really wish that they didn’t have to scrap BC because of hardware issues or something along those lines. I don’t intend on getting rid of mine as it’s been a faithful companion to me and keeps me relatively sane.

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