Shenmue 3 Is Skipping E3, But A New Character Is Revealed

Instead of splitting off development time to create special builds, setting up space on the show floor and traipsing from Japan to the US to attend E3 in Los Angeles, Ys Net are instead using their time to simply keep on making Shenmue 3.

In a fresh update to their Kickstarter, they said:


We have also been receiving questions from our backers regarding our plans to participate in upcoming game shows. While our schedule has yet to be finalized, we will be devoting June to game development and as a result, will unfortunately not be participating in any game shows. On the other hand, we look forward to bringing you our monthly updates and hope you do too!

However, we’re not left empty handed, and a new character has been revealed in a progress update video that shows off his 3D model within the game as they check it for quality and polygonal defects. I’m seriously hoping that there’s a bizarre warm up minigame in Shenmue 3 to make use of the little exercises they made this fearsome looking character perform.

Source: Kickstarter

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