Star Wars Battlefront II Leak Shows Gameplay, Palpatine Clones

And so, just two weeks from E3, the leaks continue. This time it’s Star Wars Battlefront II and a small, 13-second reel showing off gameplay and some potential new units.

The in-game footage shows a brief corridor gunfight, sporting what could be the sequel’s new UI. That said, it could just as well be an early prototype, this clip being from a potential behind-the-scenes video planned for EA’s E3 showcase.

More interesting it the inclusion of what appears to be two new enemy types. One of these is a spider drone we can see zapping a poor rebel soldier. The other is a ghastly-faced, red-robed figure with the creepy visage of Emperor Palpatine.

It didn’t take Star Wars fans long to draw similarities between this doppleganger and the Sentinel Droids that appear in Shattered Empire. Bearing Palpatine’s likeness, these humanoid machines carry pre-recorded messages from the space tyrant even after his demise.

Source: Reddit

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  1. Yay for Palpy clones! (Geek warning) They featured in the old Dark Horse comics that carried on the story after Return of the Jedi, nice to see some of the old canon bleeding into this new one. Can’t wait to see more!

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