Koei Tecmo’s New PS4 Game Blue Reflection Is Coming West

Gust Co. Ltd.’s latest game, Blue Reflection, will be heading west this September, publisher Koei Tecmo has confirmed. Best known for its Atelier series as well Ar tonelico and Nights of Azure, the studio’s latest title doesn’t look like too much of a departure from its previous work.

Blue Reflection takes place in a Japanese all-girl high school, players assuming the role of Hinako Shirai. Here she meets the mysterious Shijou twins who grant her the power to enter a new dimension, manipulating it through the power of her imagination.

In typical Gust fashion, there’s an emphasis on story and character building, Blue Reflection’s day/night cycle allowing Hinako time to roam the school grounds, taking on side missions and forging bonds with her classmates.

The combat also borrows from the developer’s other series, featuring a turn-based system.

Blue Reflections will come to both PlayStation 4 and PC (via Steam) on September 29th. The game is already available in Japan.

Source: Press Release

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  1. Surprised there’s no mention of it coming to the vita.Just need a release date for No no kuni 2 now.

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