Everything From E3: All The Reveals, Videos, And News

It’s over! You missed E3! But lucky for you we have collected everything that happened over the week in one handy post, check out all the news, previews, reveals and shows below.

If you wanted to watch, you’ve missed it, but you can re-watch the Live @ EA Play stream here. And all the news is below:



Catch up on the full show here, or read all the news via the links below:

Catch up on the full show here, or read all the news via the links below:

Catch up on the full show here, or read all the news via the links below:

Catch up on the full show here, or read all the news via the links below:


Catch up on the full show here, or read all the news via the links below:

Below is all the news from Nintendo’s E3 2017 Spotlight and the Treehouse.

Everything Else

E3 has a ton of news flying out of it so below is everything else that was announced.

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  1. Excellent, good info, ta!

    I’ll be sure to watch the Sony one at 2am on Tuesday morning.

  2. Cool, thanks. Some of them will be painful to watch, e.g. Sony at 3am down here on the Continent. But still, they’re usually good fun, so I’ll watch a couple of them, definitely including Ubisoft and be even EA.

    Devolver? Do I have to know them?
    TSA: Are you going to LA?

    • You don’t have to know Devolver. Perhaps the biggest recent games from them are the Shadow Warrior games.

      We’re not going to be at E3 this year, but we’ll be covering everything as it happens.

      • Shadow what now? I only know them from publishing Genital Jousting.

      • Ok thanks. It just looks funny to see them listed with the top dogs.

        It’s a shame you’re not there. But it’s probably like with sports events: you see it better on TV… ;o)
        And, of course, the US is overhyped anyway… ;o)

  3. That’s come around quick! Looking forward to Ubisoft. They usually have the best show for the kind of games I’m into. Won’t be staying up for Sony though.

  4. Nice one :-)

  5. I wish Sony would move their presentation to an earlier time, even by just one hour would do.
    Great to have all the times and where to watch, cheers.

  6. I’m off monday so i’ll have no probs watching most of the streams – except that Sony’s late show here means that i’ll be half asleep at work on tuesday.

  7. Anyone having problems streaming E3 live through the you tube app?

    • I couldn’t get Xbox to stream via PS4 last night.


    • No probs here with the PS4 youtube app. Before the main event began i briefly checked Giant Bomb, Gamespot and another channel that was hosting/mirroring the stream but i ended up watching IGN’s. Stream quality was smooth and never froze or buffered. I think there’s also a “Youtube at E3” channel but i didn’t try that.

      • Yeah all streams except for Geoff keighly’s was working which I was looking to watch.

  8. I really did enjoy Sony’s conference. Really amped for all the new exciting VR games, glad Sony aren’t reusing/remastering old games for it, and FFV VR is going to blow me away. Loved all the newly announced exclusives, and really look forward to playing all exclusives that were announced last year this Christmas. The exclusive DLC was great too.

    Of course, GT Sport blew it away. Stunning. Can’t wait to play that at Christmas too. Glad Sony finally showed off their flagship racer at their conference.

  9. For me it was a very underwhelming E3 this year.Spiderman and Monster Hunter Worlds the only two stand out games that appealed to me.

  10. Spiderman link is missing btw

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