News Snatch: Outcast, Bully 2, Scorpio’s Release Date, And RuneScape Cats

Jeebus it’s busy here at TSA Towers, E3 hasn’t even started yet and the announcements are coming thick and fast. Time then for News Snatch, starting with a new trailer for revamped classic game from 1999, Outcast: Second Contact.

The award for most random and tenuous PR stunt ever goes to Jagex. To celebrate the launch of Menaphos: The Golden City for RuneScape, the publisher has also commissioned the building of a giant cat activity centre, which has been donated to Wood Green Rehoming Centre in London. A live stream of the cats playing with the structure, inspired by the grand pyramid in Menaphos, is now available to view the RuneScape Facebook page.

Now you may need to sit down for this… ready? Comfy? Here we go then… Sony have posted a trailer for a PS Vita game! Cripes O’reily! This is Bodycheck, it was released on the PlayStation Store last week.

Viveport, HTC’s global app store for VR content has doubled the library of content available in its Viveport Subscription service by adding more than 75 new titles. The new content brings the total number of VR titles available for subscription to more than 150, and includes over two dozen popular apps available in the West for the first time.

This huge God of War painting has popped up near the E3 venue.

Final Fantasy XIV: Stormblood has got a launch trailer, and here it is.

The ERSB have rated Diablo III: Eternal Collection for PS4 and Xbox One. It looks like it will include the base game and all the expansions.

The Golf Club 2, which follows the series first entry, the cunningly titled The Golf Club, will be landing on PS4, Xbox One, and Windows PC on 30th June.

Puny Astronaut, a team of eight soon-to-be-graduates from Abertay University in Dundee, Scotland, have been part of the PlayStation First Academic Development Program, and their first game, Skye, is coming to PS4 later this year.

Skye is set in a world that couldn’t be happier to see you. Wander around as the titular friendly flying dragon, dashing through dandelions, strumming crystal chimes and diving for pearls in a sprawling coral reef. There’s no wrong way to play; help the ship captain find his golden treasure, or take your time flying around the countryside (inspired by Norwegian fjords and highland coasts) – the world is there for you to enjoy at your leisure.

A Vietnamese skincare clinic seems to be using the Umbrella logo from Resident Evil as their company logo. The company say they are “surprised” by the coincidence and are discussing the similarities with the external party that created their logo.

“It’s just a coincidence. Nothing to worry about,” said Medcare Dermatologist Clinic director, Mr A. Wesker.

Thrustmaster, the chaps who make steering wheels, say they have four premieres to unveil at E3 including a “new state-of-the-art racing wheel for PS4”. How many times can you re-invent the wheel? Quite a few times judging by Thrustmaster’s line up.

Game Informer listed “Bully 2: Kevin’s Back Jack” by Rockstar for release this year, but have then quickly denied that the game exists. Hmmmmm.

And Finally, have Microsoft teased Scorpio’s release date? In one of their E3 promo videos their a blink-and-you’ll-miss it scene with a crowd, and on the side of the stage in tiny writing is “X10S101-317”. Assuming X10S is code for Scorpio, then “101317” is 13th October 2017.

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