OlliOlli Devs Take On Futuristic Blood Sports In Laser League

How do you follow up a BAFTA award winning 2D take on skateboarding and a satirical (and violent) game about political campaigning? That’s the question that OlliOlli and Not A Hero developers Roll7 are answering with Laser League, a fast-paced multiplayer game with more than a few hints of Tron and Rollerball.


Played from the top down with up to 4v4 matches for both online and local multiplayer, it depicts a high-octane contact sport from 2150, where you compete for control of various nodes, while also trying to avoid deadly laser beams. Lasers are a bit partisan in this, with the other team’s colour hurting you if you run into them. Special abilities can boost your offence or defence, while there’s power-ups to be grabbed on the arena floor.

505 Games are publishing the title, with SVP of brand and marketing Tim Woodley saying, “When we saw the first prototype for Laser League, we could already feel that all-too-rare ‘just one more go’ impulse. We jumped at the chance to help Roll7 take their proven studio to the next level and realize their ambitions for Laser League.”

Simon Bennett, director at Roll7 said, “It’s awesome to step outside of our ‘house style’ to develop a far bigger 3D experience that we think will redefine a genre. The (much bigger) team here at Roll7 are hyped to get Laser League into people’s hands as soon as possible, then work with the community to fine-tune the experience before launch.”

To that end, Laser League is heading into Steam Early Access this summer, before launching on PS4, Xbox One and PC in 2018.

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  1. I have no idea what this game is due to the awful trailer that cuts the action ever 0.02 seconds.

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