A Way Out Announced As Next EA Original, From Developer Of Brothers: A Tale Of Two Sons

At EA Play a new EA Original has been revealed and it is called A Way Out, developed by the studio Hazelight which was founded by Josef Fares, one of the main minds behind Brothers: A Tale Of Two Sons. A Way Out is a co-op title and is designed as a split screen title, though online co-op is also available, but you need to play with two people. There will be a lot of variation within the game through driving, exploration, and action set pieces.


You’ll start in prison and players will experience scenarios in different ways, with protagoniste Leo and Vincent having to work together as well to succeed. The trailer above shows how while one player is experiencing a cutscene the other can play through their own section. While the game starts in prison it won’t stay there as the pair break out. A Way Out is expected to release in early 2018 for PS4, PC, and Xbox One.

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  1. Brothers was excellent, and this looks great too!

  2. Looked promising, still got to play Brothers, since I got that with Plus.

    • This really does look very promising. Good co-op is truly another gaming dimension so high hopes for this.

  3. This looks staggeringly promising. That’s me excited. :-)

  4. Uncharted with co-op. I like.

  5. Game looks good, almost Uncharted-like in places but the mandatory co-op will probably limit it’s appeal.

  6. Just logged in simply to say that that looks excellent. That is all.

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