EA Details FIFA 18 Features, As Alex Hunter Returns

In a move that shocked literally no one, today’s EA Play event featured details on the newest iteration of the FIFA series, FIFA 18. As well as the general year on year progression that players have come to expect from the series, EA did announce some new features for FIFA 18.

First among these was “player personalities”, where individual players will have their own playing style and feel far more distinct from each other. EA talked about having captured the way that players run, their bursts of pace and the way they strike the ball. Part of this seems like it will come from the motion capture work they’ve been doing with Cristiano Ronaldo, bringing his specific attributes to the game.


Alongside this, they’ve also been working to bring that same differentiation to the crowds themselves, one of the areas that really could stand to be improved. Much like the players, crowds will now feature atmospheres that much more closely reflect their real world counterparts. While it’s not clear how extensive this element of the game will be, they showed crowds at Chelsea, River Plate, Boca Juniors and Real Madrid, all with appropriate banners in the crowd and looking a lot more like a real stadium during a game.

Those of you who played FIFA 17 will likely be familiar with the game’s The Journey mode, a new single player story mode. The story followed Alex Hunter, a young player making his way through his first season as a professional. For this year’s FIFA, The Journey will return, once again following Alex Hunter. However, this time around we’ll be looking at his second season. He’s now an established star, a well regarded player, and it looks like he’ll have a lot more opportunities open to him.

We’ll have more on FIFA 18 as EA reveals details in the coming months.



  1. I liked the idea of The Journey but it was difficult to care about the character so the fact he’s back instead a creation mode of some kind, while good for continuity, is disappointing for me.

  2. So Chelsea fans will have the generic plastic flags and zero atmosphere then? ?

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