EA Unveil Some Fast And Furious Need For Speed Payback Gameplay

Following on from its announcement last week, EA naturally used their Live @ EA Play conference to give us a look at Need for Speed Payback in action. Where it was a cinematic trailer before, now it’s time to check out some gameplay.

Payback seems to take a little bit more than a little bit of inspiration from Fast and Furious, with blockbusting action in addition to the classic racing just to be first, customisation and other staples of the series.


In the above example, it was all about stealing the latest Koenigsegg, first taking out a trailer’s escort of House enforcers, before trying to get to the truck and steal its precious cargo.

The game hops back and forth between three characters – Tyler, Jess and Mac – but they’re all rendered in engine this time around, as opposed to having the live action elements of the last Need for Speed game.

One other element mentioned was finding wrecked scrap cars, fixing them to stock, and then tuning them way beyond to be supercars. I rather want a supercharged classic Beetle, I’ll be honest.

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  1. Superb! The driving looks similar looking to Rivals, which is great, plus a healthy dose of Burnout 3, which is really great, and a generous topping of Fast & Furious style bonkersness, which is really very great!

  2. Absolute vibes. Day one :-)

    • It’s definitely looking better with every reveal, very tempted to pre-order it.

  3. It’s burnout 3 with the story from fast and furious. Feels like 2003.

    There’s so much opportunity with car culture at the moment to do something cool with the customisation… rat rods, stance, drift missiles, vip, euro, bosozoku, time attack… can have drag racing, drift, time attack, touge etc. It was a good idea getting famous tuners/customisers in the last one. But the story, acting, physics, game play, map and customisation let it down.

    A good game could be made but this doesn’t look like it to me.

  4. It was a great trailer to watch and I’m always excited by NFS but I’m always a little on edge with them, there’s been a few bad ones.

  5. These NFS devs don’t learn smh .. This looks like a burnout game..

  6. This looks more like an arcade action game than a racing game.

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