Get Console Bundles, Discounted Games & Save £10 On PS+ In PlayStation Days Of Play Offers

Time was, back in the days of the PlayStation 3, that Sony would push PlayStation Plus with discounts and free months added onto yearly subscriptions. Those opportunities are fewer and further between, now that having a subscription is the gatekeeper to multiplayer and not just about the Instant Game Collection, however with the Days Of Play sale kicking off to celebrate E3, you can now get a year of PS+ for £29.99 – a saving of £10.

Alongside console and hardware offers that I’ll get to in a moment, this is available both on the PlayStation Store and in participating retailers – Amazon, Game, Smyths, Very, John Lewis, Argos and ShopTo – with ShopTo coming out the cheapest as they push it slightly lower still to just £27.85 for a digital code. You can happily stack this on top of your existing subscription, so now’s the best time in a long time to try and stock up.


If you’re looking for a new console, there’s some good hardware bundles that throw in new and recent games. All offers run between now and 18th June in the UK and until 17th June in other SIEE countries, unless there’s a single asterisk*, in which case they end at midnight tonight, 10th June.

  • 500GB PS4 consoles with Horizon Zero Dawn for £199.99 for one day only*
  • 500GB PS4 consoles with an extra DUALSHOCK®4 and a range of games to choose from, for £249.99. 1TB also available for £299.99
  • PS4 Pro with Horizon Zero Dawn and WipEout Omega Collection for £349.99
  • PlayStation VR with PlayStation Camera, VR Worlds and Farpoint (software only) for £349.99
  • PlayStation Plus 12 month memberships for £29.99 for the first year
  • A choice of one DUALSHOCK 4 wireless controller in a range of colours for £39.99
  • Nacon Revolution Pro, the Official Licensed Controller for PS4 and PS4 Pro, for £69.99
  • Wireless Stereo Headset 2.0 for £44.99*, Platinum Wireless Headset for £99.99

The picks of the bunch would be PSVR with the PS Camera, VR Worlds and Farpoint for £349.99, which is generous even if you don’t get the Aim Controller bundled, and a PS4 Pro with Horizon and Wipeout at its usual RRP of £349.99.

Beyond that, there’s big games going on sale with up to 50% off. They’re nothing ground breaking, but could tempt you into some of the biggest hitters of the last year or so. The sale runs until 21st June on the PS Store – many of these are also on offer at retail -and I’ve added a few of the more notable prices to save you a click. For all the offers, just head straight over to the PS Store.

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  1. My PS+ just ran out, so I happily take that discount… :o)
    Apart from that I’m tempted by that unrealistic little girl with a bow game, but it’s still cheaper on Amazon (although I try to avoid them…).
    I got my PSN vouchers recently from, and that worked great and cheaper than topping up with PSN directly.

    • Oooh, that little girl with a boy will kick your arse for saying that!
      Cheers for the heads up on the Plus sub offer, I’ll happily add a year.

      • Girl with a boy? I think you’re into other genres than I am… ;o)

  2. Tamriel or not Tamriel, that is the question!

  3. I grabbed Horizon Zero Dawn this weekend as its dropped to 24.99 in a few places. Delighted.

    • I took advantage of that PSN price for it yesterday, because it was cheaper than it’s been anywhere else, ever.

      And then it’s 5 quid cheaper the next day at various places? Bloody typical.

      I’m enjoying it so far though. Even with 50% terrible voice acting and a “Did they really just have a training montage complete with dramatic music???” section.

      • It’s not. Since Thursday it’s been 24.99 at Argos and 26.85 at Shopto with keyring and concept art.

        Same for all the other deals too, started early and some retailers are going even cheaper on the sale prices.

  4. They’re doing something similar but on a smaller scale on the NA store so I grabbed ME2, HZD and Nioh.

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