Minecraft Update To Bring Cross-Platform Play And 4K

Super Duper Graphics.

For those who still care a great deal about Minecraft, it was announced during the Microsoft’s E3 Press Conference that Minecraft will finally be completely unified on all devices it is on with cross-platform play.

On top of this, she also announced that 4K textures, as well as a “Super Duper Graphics Pack” that increases the graphical fidelity, adds nice new lighting, and indeed looks a million times better.

These updates will be released later in the year, but will it encourage you to come back?


  1. I thought this looked good and I like Minecraft I just don’t play it at all anymore. Keep saying I’ll go back to it but never do.
    Cross-Platform play is a cool feature though, if it works well.

  2. I was excited at the talk of a graphical upgrade – particularly with so many higher fidelity cube-world games out now … but all i saw were some god rays.

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