Scorpio Is Called Xbox One X And It’s Out On 7th November For $499/£449

So there we have it. Right out of the bat, Microsoft have unveiled the new Xbox hardware design, which looks very similar to the existing Xbox One S but without vent on the top of the box, given it a name and a release date.

It’s out on 7th November and it’s called Xbox One X. The previously rumoured $499 price point has also been confirmed, which will be £449.99 in the UK.


It can push “True 4K” – that’s over 8 million pixels – HDR, wide colour gamut, Dolby Atmos sound and 4K UHD Blu-ray playback. And if you don’t have a 4K display, its faster loading times and supersampling will still make these games look better than on Xbox One.

There’s a lot of technical detail behind the scenes, with the cooling overhauled with liquid vapor chamber technology making it more efficient than other consoles, as cooling that’s generally reserved for top tier graphics cards. They’re also using techniques to specifically match particular chips together so that they work well together, in what they call the Hovis Method after the engineer that designed it. It all adds up to what is actually not just the fastest Xbox ever, but also the smallest.

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  1. No official price?

  2. The name is terrible, but I like the design, if it was black, it would very similar to the classic PS2, and that’s my favourite console design ever.

  3. ‘Hovis method’ so it makes bread too! – or is that just the engineer?

  4. Awful, awful name. Wii U bad even.

    The perfect time to distance themselves from the All-In-One entertainment system that isn’t and they add an X on the end. Kiss of death?

  5. Parent walks into a game store…

    Parent: Hi, I’d like to buy the new Xbox.

    Sales Assistant: The Xbox One, the Xbox One S or the Xbox One X?

    Parent: Erm…

    • Parent walks into a game store…

      Parent: Hi, I’d like to buy the new PlayStation.

      Sales Assistant: The original PlayStation 4, the slimmer PlayStation 4 or the Playstation 4 Pro?

      Parent: Erm…

      • You cant buy the non slim one anymore. So shhh. And at least Pro gives you some sort of idea thats its “Better”.

      • I may be wrong but I don’t think you can buy the original PS4 in most stores anymore? Wasn’t it phased out for the slimmer model because there’s no difference between the two (other than size obviously)? Whereas there is a big difference between the One and the One S (4K bluray drive) and both are still sold side by side.

        So it’s actually just the PlayStation 4 (slim) or the PlayStation 4 Pro, which is pretty self-explanatory.
        Xbox One, Xbox One S and Xbox One X isn’t.

        Even if it is just the S and the X, it’s still a bad choice of name.

      • The original Xbox model has been similarly phased out, so it’s just S and X.

        Sure, it’s not the clearest divide, but a good sales assistant will simply say a few more words and instantly clarify. “Sure, were you looking for the standard Xbox One S, or the more powerful Xbox One X that can do 4K gaming?”

    • The original isn’t available anymore, just like the original ps4 isn’t. Thought you’d know that. Two options. Not exactly mind boggling for most people. Except you it would seem. Bet you didn’t make this comment when the pro was announced.

  6. As stated above, dreadful name and it’s not much to look at though neither is the Pro. Still, it’s about what’s in the box and those that read into the numbers will find a lot to like. Everyone else will buy with their eyes and look at the price first.

  7. Wildly suprised to find its smaller that the One S. Really nice colour and design too, nothing extravagant, and it’ll certainly look sleek in a 4K setup.

    Other than that, everything else was just confirmation regarding specs and pricing.

    What amazes me overall is how much power they’re pushing for a relatively low price and tiny box. It’s crazy to have anywhere near a 4K specification computer for that size box, let alone price factoring in that vapour cooling system. Mental.

    • Yeah it’s actually a really impressive price for such a powerful machine, the hype over the excessive power combined with chat about its being too expensive has worked in Microsofts favour for sure. If they can possibly bundle it with an elite controller I think they’d leave a few jews well and truly dropped.

    • Autocorrect, are you joking! Jaws, not Jews!!

      • Nope, we’ve all seen it. Microsoft dropping jews confirmed.

      • This is the best autocorrect I’ve seen for a while. Gold.

  8. Xbox Scorpio would have been fine, the name has gathered such momentum already. That they’ve made it smaller than the XB1s is really cool – well, the liquid vapor will help in that regard!

  9. I think it looks dope. Was really impressed with whole Xbox show tbh. But $499 is crazy money.

  10. I’d be very surprised if it became a relevant piece of kit in the mass market. MS mainly just pleased their existing fans today, which is clearly not enough, because what they really need is winning over new ones.

    • Remember that survey of ps4 owners that said power was the #1 reason they bought it over an Xbox? They’ve now given them a perfect reason to upgrade to x1x.

      • Yeah but they already spent £300 on a console and have already got a big library of games. Moving to a new platform at such a high cost is going to be a hard sell, especially if you dont have a 4K tv (there’s only about 1m of them in the uk)

      • Remember all the other reasons for buying a PS4 instead of an Xbox? Price, exclusive games, not being the size of a small garden shed?

        Well, they’ve fixed the last one I guess.

      • Gotta agree with MrYd there, I’m in the market for a console upgrade right now, but even with this way more powerful console, I’m still leaning toward the PS4Pro, purely for the games.. Anything I want on Xbox right now, I can get on PC, so nice as it is, its a bit redundant for me.

        Also, while I appreciate that the video has to appeal to a mass market, some attempt at giving some specs would have been good.

      • A console that will be 4 years old when Scorpio releases. And it’s not like you can only have one.

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