Shadow Of The Colossus Remake Due For 2018

This E3 seems to be full of “out of left-field” announcements and perhaps this is the strangest considering the storied history of the game in question. Sony announced that Shadow of the Colossus will be coming to PS4 in a remastered format.


Originally releasing on PlayStation 2 to huge critical praise, it was released as part of a collection with ICO on the PlayStation 3 that upscaled the original visuals. Somehow though, this didn’t seem like enough as the game looks to have a graphical overhaul in the style of Team ICO’s latest game: The Last Guardian.

While we only got a brief snippet during the conference, it sure looked like a great visual upgrade worthy of a port. But the question still lies – would you dare play it again if you know what happens?



  1. The visual upgrade is huge. Can’t wait to play it again.

    • That is huge!! Very clever way to capitalise on all the work they did for TLG, let’s hope an Ico remaster is in the works too.
      I only ever fought the first Colossus so I’ve got no idea what happens, I guess I’ll have to buy it and find out :)

    • Same here, that looks like a very worthy remake. It’d be nice to think they reworked the camera too though, that was my biggest bugbear with the original.

  2. This is how I like the old games. If they do a respectful, ‘shot for shot’ remake of the original with upgraded graphics, it’s much more desirable than backwards compatibility IMO.

    I wish they would do this with all of their old games.

  3. Fair play Sony, looks ace.

  4. It was an unforgettable experience first time around but no, I won’t be playing it again.

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