Here Is A Shed Load More E3 Previews And Interviews From Sony

Sony are continuing to spam YouTube with previews of upcoming games and we have collected them all for you, cos we’re nice like that. There are some big hitters such as The Evil Within 2, Need for Speed Payback, and Agents of Mayhem, along with some smaller games such as Matterfall and Sparc. Enjoy!


Lawbreakers gets a preview with creator Cliff Bleszinski.

Bandai Namco are bringing Gundam Versus to the west, check out some gameplay in this video.

This one I am really interested in, this is Sparc, the PlayStation VR exclusive combat game from CCP. Looks good!

Worlds and realities collide in the latest game in the never ending Lego franchise, Lego Marvel Super Heroes 2, which is coming to PS4 in November.

Who’s crew? Run’s Crew! Wait. No. That’s wrong, it’s Ubisoft’s The Crew 2.

2D hack-n-slash rogue-like The Sword of Ditto is coming to PlayStation 4 courtesy of Devolver.

A preview of the exceedingly purple Agents of Mayhem.

I’m going to have to put my hands up and admit I have not heard of this game, it’s Lost Sphear.

Here’s a preview of the The Evil Within 2 which looks just as twisted as the first game.

Need for Speed Payback is up next with an interview and some gameplay.

Almost done, Knack 2 actually is a thing, and it’s out quite soon. It looks a lot faster paced than the original and has borrowed a trick or two from Ratchet & Clank.

And finally, Housemarque’s Matterfall which to be honest has not been on my radar but I’ve just realised what it is. It’s Turrican isn’t it? AWESOME!!

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  1. I did get a bit of a Turrican vibe from Matterfall – but also a lot of Velocity 2X.

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