Space Hulk: Deathwing Return To Olethros Update Released

After a rocky start when it launched at the end of last year, Streum On Studio have released a big update to the game today, as they build toward the Enhanced Edition release on PC and console in Q4 2017.

The Return to Olethros update hopes to tempt you to do just that, though. Following an update released last month, it expands the Special Missions mode from being centred around just the first mission of the game to encompass every mission and area in the game. What were previously linear and learnable levels can now be filled with randomised objectives and enemy spawns that will keep experienced players on their toes.



Further to that, they’ve also detailed the Class Customisation system that will be in the Enhanced Edition. Completing Special Missions and mutliplayer missions will earn XP that goes toward earning Loot Reclusiam (AKA boxes), which contain class-specific customisation iteams. Those items  can also be bought using in-game currency, with Streum On noting that there are no microtransactions planned.

Cosmetics include armour skins, weapon skins and banners to plant during missions. Players will likely be more interested in the passive buffs that Runes and class-specific perks have, as well as the gameplay effects of weapon attachments, such as bayonets, enhanced scopes and cannon barrels.

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