Is Atari Working On A New Console? Yes It Is Confirms CEO

Last week a teaser appeared showing the iconic Atari logo and wood siding appeared on a website called AtariBox, sparking speculation that Atari was working on a new machine. For the past week Atari remained quiet, but that is until VentureBeat caught up with Atari CEO Fred Chesnais at E3, where he confirmed that Atari is indeed working on a new machine.

“We’re back in the hardware business,” is the statement Fred Chesnais gave.


What hasn’t been expanded upon is whether this new machine will go down a similar route to Nintendo’s NES Mini or if Atari are creating a more modern machine. While a machine filled with classic games seems like a safer bet there is the possibility of a new machine, especially since on the Atari Box site there is a developer link which takes you to an email where developers can express their interest in the machine.

Source: Venture Beat

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  1. I would love Atari to bring out a brand new console to compete with Sony and MS but I doubt they’ll go down that route, but you never know!
    Maybe down the lines of a Steam box or something to compete with the Switch?

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