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Something For The Weekend - 17/06/17

Coming down from E3.

And so E3 has come to an end for another year. The bonanza of game announcements, press conferences, and watching long gameplay streams has died off, and we’re suddenly on the cusp of entering the traditional summer lull.

Also it’s bleeding hot out today, so get out and enjoy the sun while it lasts!

In the News This Week

There’s been an awful lot of news flying around, so while there’s a bumper crop of news in the section below, you’ll want to head to TC’s regularly updated round up of every news story to come out of E3 so far.

Fairly Big Poll – Who Won E3?

We had a discussion about this the other day, but the poll from the bottom of the page is still open. Make sure to get your vote in before the end of the weekend!

Games in Review

You’ll forgive us if there were barely any reviews this week, with just a couple snuck into the gaps between conferences.

This Week’s Features

As you might have expected, we got busy with opinion pieces this week. First up, I took a look at how the Xbox One X is wonderfully powerful, but how Microsoft have struggled of late to spur on first and second party development for their systems. Dom then followed up with a take on Sony’s press conference, and how they lacked surprises and any focus on this year, despite an breathless showcase of great looking games. Rounding the big three out, Jake (and everyone else) loved Nintendo’s short and sweet, surprise filled conference, even if a few questions still hang over them.

At the end of all that, we asked who won E3? And yesterday, we got to answer another question: who won the E3 bingo?

Straight after the Xbox press conference, Dave got to cooking up a list of 15 games we’d love to see made available through Xbox backward compatibility. Sticking with lists, Jim gave us 13 reasons why we should be excited for Monster Hunter: World and the series’ return to PlayStation.

In a lonely preview, I sat down to play Outreach, a rather intriguing cold war thriller set in outer space. What We Played, meanwhile, features ARMS, Tekken 7 and Friday the 13th

Trailer Park

It’s so difficult to narrow this down to just five, but here goes.

Spider-Man’s web-slinging adventure looks fantastic

Beyond Good & Evil 2’s return was a wonderful surprise

Super Mario Odyssey’s hat-based co-op looks great

Wolfenstien II: The New Colossus brings an American uprising

Metro Exodus is a makes an open world escape to the country

Your Achievements

It’s been very light on the achievements front this past week, so all we’ll say here is Happy Birthday, Avenger!

The Week Ahead

Despite the craziness of last week, there’s actually a few rather notable releases next week, from a huge MMORPG expansion to explosive arcade action and portable RPG goodness.

  • Final Fantasy XIV: Stormblood – PS4, PC – 20/06
  • Nex Machina – PS4, PC – 20/06
  • God Wars: Future Past – PS4, PS Vita – 20/06 (US) – Out now in EU
  • Ever Oasis – 3DS – 23/06
  • Get Even – PS4, XBO, PC – 23/06

Have a good weekend, and I’ll be back soon!

  1. Andrewww
    Since: Jan 2010

    65% voting for the least interesting show with childish games of weirdo rabbits and the like? Please tell me that was a bot. Happy weekend everyone!

    Comment posted on 17/06/2017 at 13:36.
    • Avenger
      Since: Oct 2012

      You don’t have a clue.

      Comment posted on 17/06/2017 at 15:13.
      • Andrewww
        Since: Jan 2010

        Probably an age thing.

        Comment posted on 17/06/2017 at 20:17.
    • JR.
      Since: Apr 2013

      I don’t get Nintendo either.

      People have been playing variations of the same Mario game for 35 years. He’s like the Bruce Forsyth of the gaming world.

      Comment posted on 17/06/2017 at 20:40.
  2. TSBonyman
    Since: Dec 2009

    A hectic week as always and i think we’ll all be glad to get back to normal next week :)

    Btw i voted in the poll a few days ago but it looks like i could vote again now if i wanted to. Presumably it’s still tied to usernames and just means that i could change my vote rather than duplicate it?

    Comment posted on 17/06/2017 at 15:14.
    • Tony Cawley
      Pint! Pint!
      Since: Feb 2009

      It just says “thanks but we’ve already counted your vote”.

      Comment posted on 17/06/2017 at 20:43.
    • Stefan L
      Community Team
      Since: May 2009

      Not too sure. It’s PollDaddy, and I think it’s tied to cookies?

      It’s just a fun little poll anyway!

      Comment posted on 17/06/2017 at 20:45.