Project Rap Rabbit Flops As Kickstarter Campaign Ends

Despite being one of the more unique games to hit Kickstarter in 2017, Project Rap Rabbit has failed to its funding milestone.

As the campaign came to close, only £162,057 of its £855,000 target had been raised. At less than 20% it’s a resounding flop for the creators of PaRappa The Rapper and Gitaroo Man.


iNiS J and NanaOn-Sha have said that work on the game has stopped and there are no plans for a crowdfunding re-launch. However, it may not be game over for Project Rap Rabbit.

Although it didn’t reach its funding goal, the game impressed with its bold vision. According to the developers, it courted industry-wide attention too though whether a publisher will take it under their wing remains to be seen.

Source: Kickstarter

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