Rainbow Six Siege Patch 1.31 Now Live On PS4, Xbox One

Ubisoft has launched its latest title update for Rainbow Six Siege on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, bringing a number of important changes to the popular online shooter.

For those out of the loop, Ubisoft has postponed its work on free DLC to tackle some of the game’s root problems. “Project Health” is an ambitious shake-up, patch 1.31 showing fans the first signs of change.


Available right now, the update introduces some general tweaks and fixes alongside more substantive changes.

First off, the way hitboxes work has been altered. They’re much tighter now, ignoring damage from bullets that clip loose clothing without actually hitting a character’s person.

Matchmaking has also undergone substantial change. Ubisoft has worked to make the process as quick and stable as possible. Not only that, players can now explore menu, customise operators, and tweak loadouts while in the matchmaking queue.

Spawn kill opportunities have also been stamped out in 1.31. In previous builds of Siege, some spawn locations were within range of defending players but this has now been resolved with some subtle map changes.

A more detailed look at the patch notes can be found here.

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