Stand Alone Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare Remastered Packs Spotted

Despite Activision’s insistence that Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare Remastered would not be released by itself a steady string of leaks has suggested otherwise, that latest being a picture of someone holding the actual game in their hand.

Now either someone has spent an awful lot of time making the fake, including shrink-wrapping the box, or the game is coming out, allegedly within the next few days.

Source: Charlie Intel

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  1. No doubt this will be £45

    • With DLC costing another £12 per map pack…

  2. Of course, IGN would say that.

    I think it will be £50 and it has microtransactions. Wait, what? A decade old game gets remasted, microtransaction are added and map packs are sold. WHAT.THE.FUCK!?

    Oh and it would be surprising if they didn’t use physical releases due to MW’s popularity.

    Though, if they do a Ubisoft by having a £1000 edition, that will be the complete package of milking. Just milking it. Milking it like a cow.

  3. It looks genuine enough and I don’t doubt this is coming sooner or later but doesn’t the shrink wrap on PS4 games have the split across the middle that you tear to open, with the PS4 logo printed repeatedly across it… I can’t see the split with the PS4 logo in this picture.

    That said, I haven’t bought a brand new PS4 game in a while so I could be remembering it wrong!

    • Most do, but I’ve had some games that don’t.

    • I think Sony games have the special PS4 shrink wrap, this isn’t a Sony game.

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