You Can Now Play Hitman’s Prologue For Free

IO Interactive find themselves embarking on a new and independent journey, having been saved by a management buyout following Square Enix’s decision to cut ties with the developer, and for that journey to be a success, they need build upon their Hitman IP and get people playing their games. To that end, they’ve taken the prologue from last year’s Hitman – the two missions that make use of the ICA training facility – and turned it into a free demo for the game as a whole.

You can grab it now for PC via Steam, Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

The prologue gives you access to two story missions and various cutscenes set in the ICA facility, two escalation contracts, over forty challenges and seventeen achivements or trophies to work through. You’ll be able to keep your progress if you then buy the full game, with IO setting up discounts of up to 60% that are set to go live soon.

It should be noted that this is just the prologue and is separate from the ‘Intro Pack’ that includes both the prologue and the Paris mission. In other words, it’s a straight up demo. Hitman is currently transitioning away from the episodic model that brought a fair amount of criticism with it, phasing out the Intro Pack, episodic sales and upgrade pack as best they can to reduce the number of options for buying the game.

Source: IO Interactive via Steam

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