The EU PS Store Gets Its DFS On With A Double Discount PS+ Sale

If you’ve got PlayStation Pluswhich you can still get with a tenner off until midnight tonight – the Sony are hoping to tempt you into some digital game purchases with double the discounts for subscribers. There’s a big old list, including games both new and old, PS4 native titles and emulated PS2 Classics.

Sniper Elite 4 is the Deal of the Week, coming down to £24.99, while there’s also up to 60% of digital only games and a smattering of discounts on PS3 and PS Vita titles as well.


As is always the damnable case, there’s no prices on the list the EU PS Blog created, but we’ve added a few in where we can. You’ll have to visit the store itself for all the prices.

PlayStation Plus Double Discounts (until 5th July 2017)

Digital Discounts (until 5th July 2017)

Save up to 60% on PS3 and PS Vita (21/06/17 – 05/07/17)

Source: EU PS Blog

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  1. Browsing the NINTENDO eshop reminds me how far Sony have come with their store.
    There’s always a sale making the purchases so much more tempting.
    Firewatch for me as I’ve been waiting for it to go to the five pound region for a while, and managed to avoid spoilers for it so far. Although the standard “will it be on plus” dilemma has reared it’s ugly head.

    • Good call, i might grab Firewatch too.

  2. I’ll have a proper look later on but the old PS2 game Primal was good for it’s time.

  3. Hmm, I think the time has finally come for me to pick up the Witcher 3, so that it can sit on my HDD like all the other open world games I buy in sales.

    Because I’ll absolutely find time to play them all one day. Definitely. Maybe.

    • Got to keep your mind active once you retire, right?

      • I have to live that long first.

    • Omg buy it and play it, im currently replaying it, but on xbox one for achievements (got the goty edition on ps4 line up next for its seperate trophy list). Its an amazing game and the dlc is fantastic value formoney at full price never mind in sale

      • Yeah I’ve always heard good things about it, I just always struggle to find time for that kind of game these days between work and kids.

        The amount of jrpgs I have left unplayed in recent years is staggering also .

    • Couldn’t agree more with Mick, one of the best open world adventure games you could ever hope to play. I paid full price for the game and then full price for the DLC, and I’m not even gutted about these sales, it’s absolutely worth full price. Do it :-)

    • As time has gone by the game has crawled up my favourite games ever list. I recently bought Horizon, Mess Effect and Persona and I’m still spending the vast majority of my time playing Witcher. It’s amazing and at that price basically a giveaway. Only downside is my backlog just grows.

  4. Serious sale. US has something similar but less AAA and more Japanese.

    • I’m tempted by a lot, it’s a very good sale and Sony have done a great job getting out ahead of the Steam summer sale. I’m gonna have to be good though, the backlog is too big and the Steam sale will steal plenty of my money.

  5. If this was like a sofa sale then the price these games are at now is what they would be all year round. DFS never drop their prices, they just increase the RRP every bank holiday!!!

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