Competition: Win Over £150 Of Marvel Heroes Omega Goodies On PS4

It’s competition time here again at TheSixthaxis and we have a super powered pool prizes to give away. To mark the launch of Marvel Heroes Omega on PlayStation 4 (also coming to Xbox One on June 30th) we’re giving seven lucky winners the chance to play as their favourite comic-book characters. For more details please read on – while you’re at it, check out our first thoughts on the new console version.

To be within a chance of winning, simply follow the instructions on the form below. Seven winners will be chosen at random – here’s the prize breakdown:

  • Two first place winners will each win all five Founder’s Packs (worth £160)
  • Two runners-up will each win an X-Men Founder’s Pack (worth £49.99)
  • Two runners-up will each win a Guardians of the Galaxy Pack (worth £29.99)
  • One runner-up will win both the Deadpool and Spider-Man Founder’s Packs (worth £29.99)

Win Over £150 Of Marvel Heroes Omega Goodies

This competition ends at 11.59PM on Monday, June 26th. Winners will be notified and sent their prizes within 24 hours. Good luck!

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  1. I guess you wrote a wrong end date for this? :)

    • Silly me! All fixed now :)

  2. Great competition, thanks TSA!

  3. How do you know its my details logged. Really up for this loving the game so far

  4. Awesome competition. Good luck everyone.

  5. I have no interest in winning this but it is a brill comp!

  6. Nice competition. I’ve already put well over 100 hours into it and will probably play for many more … especially if we get some more end game stuff.

  7. Not for me but it’s a splendid competition, good luck everyone!

  8. Great competition! Loving this game, one of the better F2P games available on PS4, like Diablo in the MCU. Hope I win something, the cost of extra characters seem very high but I suppose they’ve got to get their money from somewhere.

    • The cost of the extra characters is ridiculous. If you can squeeze in a couple of hours a day, it could still take a month or more to earn enough to buy one of the more expensive characters. Or a couple of weeks for the cheap ones.

      And as for inventory space, which it seems you can only upgrade with real money. That soon gets annoying. All that loot dropping, and you can either pick it up and sell it/donate it, or ignore it and not have to go back to get rid of it every 5 minutes.

      • The inventory thing can get annoying though you’ll quickly learn which bits of loot to ignore, keeping valuable inventory space.

      • Well yeah…. If you arent going to spend money then it will take abit to get things obviously, its not a charity game mate, pay up or dont play?

      • I’d happily pay a proper price for it. It’s a good game and worth a normal, full price.

        But they went for the worst of the free to play options. Ridiculous grind if you don’t want to pay, and some things you can only get with real money. Hoping you’d end up spending more on the game than if it was just sold as a full game.

        Compare that with the other free game I’ve been playing lately. Skyforge. Same deal with unlocking the extra classes as the Marvel heroes, except you can easily earn the money in game to do it. And the more you play, the quicker it becomes (rewards for higher difficulty missions are greater).

        The only thing you might want to spend real money on there is the currency that you can use to buy a premium account. That just gets you twice the rewards (and free travel on the open world maps, but the cost of that is trivial anyway). And I might just be happy to throw a tenner at them for that so I’ve got enough for 180 days of premium account. During which time I’ll probably earn enough in game to buy a few things, give them another 10 quid and have another 180 days. An MMORPG for £20 a year? Sounds like a bargain, and definitely F2P done properly.

        And yes, I know which bits of loot to ignore. Helpfully colour coded. Currently, if it’s not dark-blue (or orange/pink), I’m not interested. Easy to pick up a load of crap by mistake in those chaotic patrol fights with a dozen people hammering away at a selection of bosses though.

  9. Sweet Comp!

  10. Winner, winner, chicken dinner! I’ve won a Guardians of The Galaxy pack! Thanks TSA!

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